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Title : Information beyond the forum: Motivations, strategies, and i…
Date : 2013. 11.
Journal title : Public Understanding of Science
Author : Ashley A. Anderson, Jason Delborne and Daniel Lee Kleinman
Abstract :
During traditional consensus conferences, organizers control the formal information available to participants—by compiling structured background materials and recruiting expert panelists. Less formally, however, participants are encouraged to bring …

Title : Dying Bees and the Social Production of Ignorance
Date : 2013. 7.
Journal title : Science, Technology & Human Values
Author : Daniel Lee Kleinman, Sainath Suryanarayanan
Abstract :
This article utilizes the ongoing debates over the role of certain agricultural insecticides in causing Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD)—the phenomenon of accelerated bee die-offs in the United States and elsewhere—as an opportunity to contribut…

Title : Making Science Documentary : On the role of experts in the p…
Date : 2013. 6.
Journal title : Journal of Science and Technology Studies
Author : Moon, Jiho and Hong, Sungook
Abstract :
STS studies into science documentaries for television are rare, and they do not even reflect the constructivist fruits of STS. STS have been calling for the need of analyzing ‘science-in-the-making’ in order to understand science more deeply. Similarly,…

Title : The Four Major Rivers Restoration Project and the Politics o…
Date : 2013. 6.
Journal title : ECO
Author : Jiwon Kim, Jongyoung Kim
Abstract :
This paper examines experts’ activities and their contested knowledge productions in the Four Major Rivers Restoration Project. Because water governance involves complex interactions among nature, society, and techno-science, the contestations include po…

Title : Stem Cell Treatment in China: Rethinking the patient role in…
Date : 2013. 5.
Journal title : Bioethics
Author : Haidan Chen, Herbert Gottweis
Abstract :
The paper looks in detail at patients that were treated at one of the most discussed companies operating in the field of untried stem cell treatments, Beike Biotech of Shenzhen, China. Our data show that patients who had been treated at Beike Biotech view…

Title : Knowledge Politics in the ‘Samsung Leukemia Case’: A Labor…
Date : 2013. 3.
Journal title : Korean Journal of Sociology
Author : Jongyoung Kim, Heeyun Kim
Abstract :
Based upon 18 months of fieldwork, this paper analyzes the roles of science and medical knowledge in a labor health movement responding to workersʼ illnesses in semi-conductor factories. The disease, known as ʻSamsung Leukemia,ʼ led to a se…

Title : Be(e)coming experts: The controversy over insecticides in th…
Date : 2013. 1.
Journal title : Social Studies of Science
Author : Sainath Suryanarayanan and Daniel kleinman
Abstract :
In this article, we explore the politics of expertise in an ongoing controversy in the United States over the role of certain insecticides in colony collapse disorder–a phenomenon involving mass die-offs of honey bees. Numerous long-time commercial …

Title : Scientific Governance through Public Participation : Histori…
Date : 2012. 10.
Journal title : Journal of Science and Technology Studies
Author : Hyun, Jae Hwan and Hong, Sung Ook
Abstract :
This paper first aims to reveal that, in the current trend of "the participatory turn" in STS, there are divergent positions subtly different from each other, and that the understanding of these divergent positions can be significant to study the differen…

Title : Do Koreans Have an “English Brain”? A Case Study in the Co…
Date : 2012. 9.
Journal title : East Asian Science, Technology and Society
Author : Hawon Chang and Sungook Hong
Abstract :
Korean people believe that English proficiency is one of themost important factors in achieving professional success, and because of this they spend a great deal of time and money to master English. Along with this frenzy over English, a discourse o…

Title : The Privacy-Reciprocity Connection in Biobanking: Comparing …
Date : 2012. 6.
Journal title : Public Health Genomics
Author : A. Hobbs, J. Starkbaum, U. Gottweis, H.E. Wichmann, and H. Gottweis
Abstract :
In recent years, the adequacy of the ‘gift’ model of research participation has been increasingly questioned. This study used focus groups to explore how potential and actual participants of biobanks in the UK and Germany negotiate the relationship be…

Title : IT Solutions for Privacy Protection in Biobanking
Date : 2012. 6.
Journal title : Public Health Genomics
Author : J. Eder, H. Gottweis, and K. Zatloukal
Abstract :
Biobanks containing human biological samples and associated data are key resources for the advancement of medical research. Efficient access to samples and data increases competitiveness in medical research, reduces effort and time for achieving scientifi…

Title : Perceptions and Acceptance of GM food in Korea
Date : 2012. 6.
Journal title : Korean Journal of Rural Society
Author : Bak, Hee-Je
Abstract :
Scholars have emphasized public trust in institutions which produce new knowledge and are responsible for controlling risks associated with it as a crucial determinant of public perceptions of science-related risks. Analyzing a nation-wide survey results,…

Title : Public Perceptions of the Risk of BSE and the Risk-Avoidance…
Date : 2012. 6.
Journal title : Korean Journal of Rural Society
Author : Hee-Je Bak
Abstract :
Public concern about the risk of BSE and its demand for food safety were the primary mover of the BSE controversy and the candlelight demonstration in 2008. There have been relatively few studies, however, addressing the risk perceptions of BSE and the co…

Title : The world since Kuhn
Date : 2012. 6.
Journal title : Social Studies of Science
Author : Andrew Pickering
Abstract :
The back cover of its third edition says that The Structure of Scientific Revolutions is one of the 100 most influential books since the Second World War. I wonder what the other 99 were. In remarkably few pages, Kuhn assembled provocative lines of contem…

Title : Who are the skeptics of climate change?: The effects of info…
Date : 2012. 5.
Journal title : ECO
Author : Hee-Je Bak, Ju-Young Huh
Abstract :
This study examines public perceptions of climate change and determinants of the perceptions in Korea. Relying on a single question to measure public perceptions of climate change, previous studies reported that Korean showed the highest level of concern …
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