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Title : The Memory of Place Disruption, Senses, and Local Opposition…
Date : 05-03-2019
Journal title : Energy Policy
Author : Kim, Eun-sung & Ji-bum Chung
Abstract :
The notion of place is quite useful to account for local acceptance of energy transitions. Using semi-structured interviews and content analysis, this article explores how new places are imagined or formed in opposition to wind farms in South Korea, with …

Title : Korean traditional beliefs and renewable energy transitions:…
Date : 2018.12
Journal title : Energy Research and Social Science
Author : Kim, Eun-sung; Chung, Ji-bum; Seo, Yongseok
Abstract :
Wind farms are constructed in mountainous rural villages where indigenous elderly people believe in Korean traditional beliefs such as pungsu (fengshui or geomancy) thought and shamanism. Built upon mixed qualitative methods, this research examines the re…
63 Title : Between Fraud and Hope: Stem Cell Research in Korea after th…
Date : 2018.06
Journal title : EASTS: An International Journal 12(2): 143-164
Author : Myungsim Kim, Jongyoung Kim, and Hee-Je Bak
Abstract :
62 Title : Research Misconduct in East Asia’s Research Environments
Date : 2018.06
Journal title : EASTS: An International Journal 12(2): 117-122
Author : Hee-Je Bak
Abstract :

Title : Public Perception of Energy Transition in Korea: Nuclear Pow…
Date : May 2018
Journal title : energy policy
Author : Chung, Ji-bum & Kim, Eun-sung
Abstract :
Since President Moon Jae-in took office in May 2017, South Korea has been embroiled in a major social controversy about energy transition. The president's pledge to transition toward renewable energy represented a dramatic change in Korean energy policy, …
60 Title : Research on Science, Technology & Society in Korea: A Critic…
Date : 2017.08
Journal title : Journal of Technology Innovation (기술혁신연구) 25(3): 155-195
Author : Hee-Je Bak
Abstract :
The goal of the present study is reviewing the literature on the scientific community and also on science, technology & society to increase interactions between innovation studies and social studies of science and technology. Up until now, various empir…
59 Title : Unequal Distribution in the Production of Environmental Risk…
Date : 2017.06
Journal title : ECO 21(1): 229-268
Author : Ju Young Huh and Hee-Je Bak
Abstract :
The concept of environmental justice has focused on inequality in the distribution of environmental risks across races, classes and regions. By looking at the distribution of chemical pollution emitted by each industrial sector and factory, the present …

Title : Media Cultures and the Representation of Science in Korea an…
Date : 2017.06
Journal title : EASTS: An International Journal 11(3): 331-352
Author : Hee-Je Bak and Daniel L. Kleinman
Abstract :
In 2008 the Korean government decided to resume importing US beef, leading to a nationwide controversy over the risk of bovine spongiform encephalopathy (BSE), or mad cow disease. Korean media coverage of BSE during this controversy demonstrates how me…

Title : Senses and artifacts in market transactions: the Korean case…
Date : October 16, 2017
Journal title : Journal of cultural economy
Author : Kim, Eun-sung
Abstract :
This article examines the relationship between the senses, artifacts, and trade at South Korean agricultural produce auctions. It explores the impacts of market devices on sensory interactions between auctioneers and buyers that are essential to market…

Title : Sociotechnical Imaginaries and the Globalization of Convergi…
Date : 2017.08
Journal title : Science as Culture
Author : Kim, Eun-sung
Abstract :
The United States (US), European Union (EU), and South Korea had different definitions and visions of technological convergence before interacting with each other from the late 2000s. The Korean government has used Western policies as a benchmark but prod…

Title : Incentivizing research collaboration using performance-based…
Date : 2017.04
Journal title : Science and Public Policy
Author : Do Han Kim Hee-Je Bak
Abstract :
Despite a growing interest in research collaboration, few studies have examined the influences of policy measures on collaboration practices and on the scientific outcome of the research. By analyzing individual-level panel data of researchers in humaniti…

Title : The Relationship between Public Support for Scientific Resea…
Date : 2016.12
Journal title : Journal of Technology Innovation (기술혁신연구)
Author : Hee-Je Bak⋅ Myungsim Kim
Abstract :
By analyzing a nationwide survey on Korean publics, this study examines the social determinants of public support for three types of scientific research—basic research aimed at pure knowledge, applied research toward industrial application, and rese…
53 Title : 지민의 탄생: 지식민주주의를 향한 시민지성의 도전
Date : 20 March 2017
Journal title : Humanist
Author : Jong Young Kim
Abstract :
머리말: 지식정치의 소용돌이 속에서 프롤로그: 지식정치란 무엇인가? 1부 삼성백혈병과 반올림운동 1장 반올림운동과 노동자 건강의 정치경제학 아픈 몸들의 연대: 체화된 노동보건운동 73 노동자 건강의 정치경제학 78 반올림운동의 전개 82 산업재해…

Title : The material culture of Korean social movements
Date : 2017. 4.
Journal title : Journal of Material Culture
Author : Eun-Sung Kim
Abstract :
Through interviews with Korean political activists, this research explores the material culture of Korean social movements, with a particular focus on artifacts of the police and protesters from the 1980s to the 2000s. First, the article analyses the symb…

Title : The sensory power of cameras and noise meters for protest su…
Date : 2016. 06
Journal title : Social Studies of Science
Author : Eun-Sung Kim
Abstract :
This article analyzes sensory aspects of material politics in social movements, focusing on two police tools: evidence-collecting cameras and noise meters for protest surveillance. Through interviews with Korean political activists, this article examines …
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