TITLE Perceptions and Acceptance of GM food in Korea
NAME 관리자 HIT 576
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Title : Perceptions and Acceptance of GM food in Korea
Date : 2012. 6.
Journal title : Korean Journal of Rural Society
Author : Bak, Hee-Je
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Abstract : Scholars have emphasized public trust in institutions which produce new knowledge and are responsible for controlling risks associated with it as a crucial determinant of public perceptions of science-related risks. Analyzing a nation-wide survey results, this paper examines how Koreans perceive GM food and what determine it with an emphasis of the effects of trust in science and the government on the perception. Perceptions of GM food were ambivalent in Korea, so recognition of benefits and concern about risks exist hand in hand. Compared with EU citizens, Koreans show higher levels of recognition of benefits of GM food while they show similar levels of concern about risks of it. It turns out that the levels of trust in science and the government have direct effects as well as indirect effects through perceptions of GM food on the acceptance of GM food. Also, as people look for information on GM food more, they tend to have negative perceptions of it. Political orientation has little effect on the acceptance level and consumer behavior of GM food and only limited effect on the perceptions of GM food. These findings support the claim that risk politics on food safety should be understood as life politics which goes beyond the conventional conflict between progress and conservative political ideologies.

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