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Title : Public Perceptions of the Risk of BSE and the Risk-Avoidance…
Date : 2012. 6.
Journal title : Korean Journal of Rural Society
Author : Hee-Je Bak
Abstract :
Public concern about the risk of BSE and its demand for food safety were the primary mover of the BSE controversy and the candlelight demonstration in 2008. There have been relatively few studies, however, addressing the risk perceptions of BSE and the co…

Title : The world since Kuhn
Date : 2012. 6.
Journal title : Social Studies of Science
Author : Andrew Pickering
Abstract :
The back cover of its third edition says that The Structure of Scientific Revolutions is one of the 100 most influential books since the Second World War. I wonder what the other 99 were. In remarkably few pages, Kuhn assembled provocative lines of contem…

Title : Who are the skeptics of climate change?: The effects of info…
Date : 2012. 5.
Journal title : ECO
Author : Hee-Je Bak, Ju-Young Huh
Abstract :
This study examines public perceptions of climate change and determinants of the perceptions in Korea. Relying on a single question to measure public perceptions of climate change, previous studies reported that Korean showed the highest level of concern …

Title : The Post-mass and Trans-Boundary Movement: The Construction …
Date : 2012. 2.
Journal title : Discourse 201
Author : Kim, Jongyoung
Abstract :
This paper interprets the 2008 candlelight movements in Korea, caused by the import of American beef, as a trans-boundary movement mobilized by the post-mass. Here "trans-boundary movement" means a collective action that goes beyond the binaries of online…

Title : Connecting the public with biobank research: reciprocity mat…
Date : 2011. 11.
Journal title : Nature Reviews Genetics
Author : Herbert Gottweis, George Gaskell and Johannes Starkbaum
Abstract :
In recent years, biobanks have been identified worldwide as crucial research infrastructures of great significance for medicine and public health. Large-scale biobank projects, such as UK Biobank or BioBank Japan, have received broad public attention. Bio…

Title : Biobanks and the phantom public
Date : 2011. 9.
Journal title : Human Genetics
Author : Herbert Gottweis, Haidan Chen, and Johannes Starkbaum
Abstract :
This paper surveys the current state of knowledge about the relationship between different national publics and biobanks, how different publics perceive biobanks, and which issues are identified as important by various stakeholders. We discuss existing st…

Title : Cyborg Spirituality
Date : 2011. 7.
Journal title : Medical History
Author : Andrew Pickering
Abstract :
This article explores crossovers from Eastern philosophy and spirituality to contemporary science and medicine in the West. My interest is not so much in specific lines of historical transmission, as in the channels through which they flow. In particular,…

Title : Climategate and the Controversy over Climate Science: Implic…
Date : 2011. 6.
Journal title : ECO
Author : Myung-Sim Kim, Hee-Je Bak
Abstract :
Despite it involves illegal behavior, Climategate that hackers accessed and released private emails of climate scientists working at the Climatic Research Unit (CRU) at the University of East Anglia (UEA) offers an opportunity to review questions raised b…

Title : Scientists in the Media and Politicization of Science― The …
Date : 2011. 5.
Journal title : Discourse 201
Author : Bak, Heeje
Abstract :
The BSE controversy in 2008 demonstrated that Korean mass media constructed news stories reflecting their own political positions even when they reported on scientific knowledge, which has been known as the most objective knowledge. While news reports cit…
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