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32 Title : 12th Brownbag seminar at the department of sociology at Kyun…
Date & Place : March 28 6pm/ Seminar Room(#211)
Title: Korean Traditional Beliefs and Energy Transition: Pungsu, Shamanism, and the Local Perception of Wind Turbines
Speaker: Kim, Eun-sung (Associate Professor, Department of Sociology)
31 Title : [VIRI talks] Beyond the Engine of Economy: RRI as a New Goal…
Date & Place : Arizona State University, 2017.5
Professor Hee-Je Bak gave his lecture on RRI in South Korea at the VIRI Talks in Arizona State University.

Watch other VIRI talks on Responsible Research & Innovation at
30 Title : [Award] Kyung Hee Fellow
Date & Place : Kyung Hee University
Professor Eun-sung Kim is appointed 2017 Kyung Hee Fellow. This fellowship is awarded to the best research scholars based on recent three years of research performance. This award is one of the most prestigious awards in Kyung Hee university. This year, totally 9 faculty have been selected as Kyung Hee Fellows (in research), with Kim being selected in the category of humanities, social science, and art. Fellows are given research fund and partial exemption of teaching requirements during next two years.
29 Title : [Award] Fulbright mid-career research award
Date & Place : Fulbright
Professor Eun-sung Kim is supposed to earn a 2008-2009 Fulbright mid-career research award. He will conduct his sabbatical research on the risk governance of automated cars in the United States during 2009 at Reno, Nevada. Before then he will work on the Korean case during 2018.
28 Title : EASTS Network Conference
Date & Place : December 1~3/Yonsei University International Campus
The 13th East Asian STS Network Conference
"The Past, Present, and Future of East Asian STS

The program is attached.
27 Title : [Presentation] Eun-sung Kim, National Taiwan University
Date & Place : October 19, 2017 & Department of Sociology at National Taiwan University
Professor Eun-sung Kim will give two presentations entitled "The sensory power of cameras and noise meters for protest surveillance in South Korea" and "Korean traditional beliefs and energy transition: Pungsu, shamanism, and the local perception of wind turbines" at the National Taiwan University from October 19-20, 2017.
26 Title : [Publication] Kim Jong-Young's new book release
Date & Place : 20 March 2017
in 2017, Professor Jong-Young Kim released his new book about the birth of knowledge citizens in various social conflicts associated with techno-science, public health, and environment in South Korea. The title is "지민의 탄생: 지식민주주의를 향한 시민지성의 도전"
25 Title : [Funding] Eun-sung Kim's research grant
Date & Place : December 2016
Eun-sung Kim has received a research grant (KRW 42,000,000) from the Future Energy Policy Institute of Kyung Hee University, in a collaboration with professor Chung Ji-bum at UNIST and Dr. Seo Young-seok at the Korea Institute of Public Administration. They will conduct research on "Public Opinion on Future Energy Sources: Cross National Comparison."
24 Title : [Award] Eun-sung Kim's award
Date & Place : December 2016
In 2016, Eun-sung Kim received the Chancellor's Award for Academic Excellence in Research from Kyung Hee University. This award is annually given to outstanding scholars in research, education, and social service.
23 Title : [Forum] The 14th CSTS Forum at Kyung Hee University
Date & Place : 2016. 06. 17. 경희대학교 정경대학 세미나실(211호)
제 목: Pushing STS beyond national boundaries: the Case of EASTS

발표자: Wenhua Kuo (National Yang-Ming University, Taiwan)

시 간: 2016년 6월 17일(금) 11:40am-13:00pm

장 소: 경희대학교 정경대학 세미나실(211호)
22 Title : [Conference]2016 Spring Conference of the Korean Association…
Date & Place : 2016. 05. 27-28 국립강릉원주대학교 강릉캠퍼스 해양생물교육연구센터
2016. 05. 27

[세션2] 경희대-가톨릭대 SSK 공동세션 1 (14:00-16:00 101호)

발표주제:에너지 시티즌쉽과 거버넌스: 서울시 성대골 에너지자립마을 사례 분석
발표자 : 최한솔, 김은성 (경희대)
토론자: 박진희(동국대)

발표주제: 위험과 모성(母性)-가습기살균제사고사례
발표자: 변바른, 김은성 (경희대)
21 Title : The 13th CSTS Forum at Kyung Hee University
Date & Place : 2016. 04. 15 경희대학교 정경대학 세미나실(211호)
제 목: 환경이 아프면 몸도 아프다 -가습기 살균제 참사의 교훈-

발표자: 최예용 박사 (환경보건시민센터 소장)

시 간: 2016년 4월 15일(금) 11:40am-13:00pm

장 소: 경희대학교 정경대학 세미나실(211호)
20 Title : Professor Eun-sung Kim's new grant for sound studies
Date & Place : 2015~2018
In 2015, professor Eun-sung Kim earned a three-years (2015~2018) grant for sound studies from the National Research Foundation of Korea. The multi-year project is entitled "The Material Culture of Sound and Politics, Market, and Communities: Cases of Protests, Outcry-pit Trading, and Wind-power Generator." One paper about the material culture of social movement was recently accepted by Social Studies of Science, one of top journals of Science and Technology Studies (STS). This year, he is launching a new research to connect sociology of senses and the sociology of market. He is planning to explore the interrelationship between senses, technology, and trade.
19 Title : 4th International Conference "Science and Social Responsibil…
Date & Place : 2016.03.25-26, Rm. 401 College of Law Bldg. / Rm. 211 College of Politics and Economics Bldg. Kyung Hee University
■ 10:30-17:20, 25th(Fri.) Rm.401 College of Law Bldg.

▪ Registration (09:30-10:00)

▪ Opening speech (10:00-10:10)
- Hee-Je Bak ( Kyung Hee University/ Director, Center for Science, Technology & Society)

▪ Session 1 : Science and Social Movement 10:10-11:40
(Chair : Hwan-suk Kim, Kookmin University)

18 Title : 제12회 경희대 과학기술사회연구센터 포럼
Date & Place : 2015. 10. 30 경희대학교 정경대학 211호
제 목: 사회문제해결형사업과 리빙랩 추진 현황
발표자: 김태희 박사 (한국연구재단, 사회 및 복지기술단장)
토론자: 성지은 박사 (STEPI, 연구위원)
시 간: 2015년 10월 30일(금) 11:40am-13:00pm
장 소: 경희대학교 정경대학 세미나실(211호)
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