TITLE Making Science Documentary : On the role of experts in the production of “Light” by EBS
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Title : Making Science Documentary : On the role of experts in the production of “Light” by EBS
Date : 2013. 6.
Journal title : Journal of Science and Technology Studies
Author : Moon, Jiho and Hong, Sungook
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Abstract : STS studies into science documentaries for television are rare, and they do not even reflect the constructivist fruits of STS. STS have been calling for the need of analyzing ‘science-in-the-making’ in order to understand science more deeply. Similarly, our starting point is the assumption that science documentary can be better understood when we look into its making process. Under this assumption, we adopted the method of participant observation in analyzing ‘documentary practice’, trying to open the ‘black box’ called ‘science documentary’.
We have here focused on the documentary named “Light” made by a scientific documentary team of EBS, who made “Culture and Mathematics” and “Life”. Each of us worked as a main consultant and an assistant staff in making “Light”. We will address two main points in this study. First, based on our participant observation and interviews, we will show that the members of documentary making team are thinking about ‘science’ in distinctive ways. The team tended to emphasize visualization, knowledge linked to people’s everyday life, and the distinctive characters of scientists who appear in the documentary. Second, by looking closely into the interaction between the team members and the consultant in the process of completing the script of the documentary, it was possible to understand how the contents of the documentary was constructed more accurately. In the making process, consultant’s idea was not simply accepted by the making team, but there were conflicts and compromises. By showing this, we will be able to bring up a reflexive question about the role of consultant in the process of making a science documentary.

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