TITLE The world since Kuhn
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Title : The world since Kuhn
Date : 2012. 6.
Journal title : Social Studies of Science
Author : Andrew Pickering
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Abstract : The back cover of its third edition says that The Structure of Scientific Revolutions is one of the 100 most influential books since the Second World War. I wonder what the other 99 were. In remarkably few pages, Kuhn assembled provocative lines of contemporary thought in history, philosophy and psychology into a coherent, seductive and unforgettable, neo-Hegelian vision of what science is and how it changes. Too seductive, in fact, possibly even for the man himself. I doubt whether anyone, including Kuhn, ever saw a pristine example of a new paradigm arising like a phoenix from the flames of its predecessor’s self-immolation. It might be time to disaggregate Kuhn’s story: I want to open up his theme of ‘different worlds’ without worrying too much about slotting it into a big master narrative of the history of science.

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