TITLE Research on Science, Technology & Society in Korea: A Critical Review (과학기술과 사회 연구의 현황과 과제)
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Title : Research on Science, Technology & Society in Korea: A Critical Review (과학기술과 사회 연구의 현황과 과제)
Date : 2017.08
Journal title : Journal of Technology Innovation (기술혁신연구) 25(3): 155-195
Author : Hee-Je Bak
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Abstract : The goal of the present study is reviewing the literature on the scientific
community and also on science, technology & society to increase interactions between innovation
studies and social studies of science and technology. Up until now, various empirical studies
on Korean scientists and engineers have been concentrated on researchers at universities,
while they have paid inadequate attention to researchers at state-funded research institutes
and private companies. In addition, these studies have tended to use concepts in Western
academia to elucidate Korean cases. On the other hand, recent empirical researches on the
effects of the evaluation systems in universities, PBS system, and the network of school
ties suggest that these topics may reveal the unique characteristics of Korean scientific
community. Empirical studies on the scientific community have also shown that Korean
research institutes and researchers who are in charge of innovation in Korea have demonstrated
a tendency to conform to the government's guidance due to long experiences of state-led
R&D and nationalism. Research on science, technology and society has viewed the participation
of citizens in science and technology as a way toward science and technology democracy,
and tended to have a strong practical orientation. However, there has been a relatively small
amount of research on how citizen participation influences the direction and content of
technological innovation. Also, although, from the viewpoint of technological innovation, how
participation of citizens in science and technology can contribute to knowledge production
and innovation is a critical issue, relatively small numbers of case studies on this subject
have been conducted. Therefore, as the scholars who have emphasized the democracy of
science and technology have actually experimented with various ways of citizen participation,
innovation researchers may have to design and implement citizen participation through which
citizens’ local knowledge can contribute to technological innovation.