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53 Title : 지민의 탄생: 지식민주주의를 향한 시민지성의 도전
Date : 20 March 2017
Journal title : Humanist
Author : Jong Young Kim
Abstract :
머리말: 지식정치의 소용돌이 속에서 프롤로그: 지식정치란 무엇인가? 1부 삼성백혈병과 반올림운동 1장 반올림운동과 노동자 건강의 정치경제학 아픈 몸들의 연대: 체화된 노동보건운동 73 노동자 건강의 정치경제학 78 반올림운동의 전개 82 산업재해…

Title : The material culture of Korean social movements
Date : 2017. 4.
Journal title : Journal of Material Culture
Author : Eun-Sung Kim
Abstract :
Through interviews with Korean political activists, this research explores the material culture of Korean social movements, with a particular focus on artifacts of the police and protesters from the 1980s to the 2000s. First, the article analyses the symb…

Title : The sensory power of cameras and noise meters for protest su…
Date : 2016. 06
Journal title : Social Studies of Science
Author : Eun-Sung Kim
Abstract :
This article analyzes sensory aspects of material politics in social movements, focusing on two police tools: evidence-collecting cameras and noise meters for protest surveillance. Through interviews with Korean political activists, this article examines …

Title : Sound and the Korean Public: Sonic Citizenship in the Govern…
Date : 2016. 08
Journal title : Science as Culture
Author : Eun-sung Kim
Abstract :
Apartment floor noise is becoming a serious social problem in South Korea. Apartment floor noise conflicts arise from the disruption of neighbourhood community in Korean apartment complexes. To resolve the conflicts, the Korean government and apartment re…

Title : The SHARPS Movement and the Political Economy of Labor Healt…
Date : 2016. 03
Journal title : Economy and Society
Author : Jongyoung Kim and Heeyun Kim
Abstract :
The SHARPS (Supporters for the Health And Rights of People in the Semiconductor industry) movement, which lasted from 2007 until 2016, shocked Korean society, shedding important light on labor safety and the environment. Korean media paid a great deal of …

Title : Too much Emphasis on Research? An Empirical Examination of t…
Date : 2015. 05
Journal title : Research in Higher Education
Author : Hee-Je Bak and Do Han Kim
Abstract :
While the public is concerned that emphasizing research performance among university faculty results in inadequate attention to undergraduate teaching, research on the relationship between research and teaching in higher education has failed to confirm or…

Title : Technological Governance Regarding Life-Sustaining Technolog…
Date : 2015. 12
Journal title : Bioethics Policy Studies
Author : June-Seok Lee
Abstract :
Recently, as DNR prevails more and more in Korea, discussions regarding meaningless medical life-sustaining-treatment (LST) intensified. Some of the Supreme Court decisions are even discussed in mass media, causing public debates. These cases tell us tha…

Title : Toward Science for Better Society: The Present and Implicati…
Date : 2015. 12
Journal title : Journal of Science & Technology Studies
Author : Bak, Hee-Je and Seong, Ji Eun
Abstract :
Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI) is a concept emerging rapidly as a theoretical and methodological framework to shape science for better society, instead of merely for economic growth. While the responsibility of science usually means ethics of r…

Title : A Social Analysis of the Limitation of Governmental MERS Ris…
Date : 2015. 11
Journal title : Korean Review of Crisis & Emergency Management
Author : Eun-Sung Kim
Abstract :
Risk communication was one of the most serious challenges surrounding the MERS crisis that occurred in 2015 in Korea. As the Korean government postponed to disclose the names of the hospitals where confirmed MERS cases were exposed, the MERS spread from h…

Title : The politics of climate change policy design in Korea
Date : 2015. 10
Journal title : Environmental Politics
Author : Eun-sung Kim
Abstract :
The climate change policy design of the Lee Myung-bak administration was the outcome of interest group politics around the greenhouse gas and energy target management scheme, carbon taxes, and the emission-trading scheme. Using qualitative methods, this r…

Title : Governance struggles in the case of Camp Carroll conflict
Date : 2015. 09
Journal title : Policy Studies
Author : Eun-Sung Kim
Abstract :
This research examines the multifaceted governance struggles associated with the alleged burial of Agent Orange at Camp Carroll in Chilgok County, Korea. To deal with this incident, the Korea central government forms bureaucratic conflict management syste…

Title : How Do Scientists Respond to Performance-Based Incentives? E…
Date : 2015. 07
Journal title : International Public Management Journal
Author : Do Han Kim and Hee-Je Bak
Abstract :
Although a growing number of universities worldwide have adopted performance-based incentive systems to improve their ranking and reputation, empirical evidence of the effectiveness of such incentives is limited. By analyzing data on over 1,000 scientists…

Title : New Perspectives on the Techno-Ecological Governance: A Comp…
Date : 2015. 06
Journal title : ECO
Author : June-Seok Lee
Abstract :
This article explains a comparative study between two recently emerging theories about society and nature. These theories both deal with new relationship between subjects and objects; human actors and nonhuman actants; values and facts. First theory is ec…

Title : Multiplicity of Pathogen: Construction of Foot-and-Mouth Dis…
Date : 2015. 06
Journal title : ECO
Author : Kiheung Kim
Abstract :
This paper is to discuss about governments’ responses to the epidemic of foot-and-mouth disease (FMD) in South Korea between 2010 and 2011. The epidemics of FMD caused catastrophic confusion amongst central and local governments. Big debates on issues of…

Title : Risk Perceptions and Re-construction of Knowledge in Gendere…
Date : 2015. 06
Journal title : ECO
Author : Myungsim Kim and Heeyun Kim
Abstract :
The onset of the issue of guaranteeing semiconductor electronic industry workers’ health rights, which we call “Samsung Leukemia”, was due to the difference in the causes of disease between the Korean government, corporations and activist patients. We …
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